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Starlight attention: gas source guarantee and core technical research, etc., plaguing gas power generation

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Accelerate clean energy replacement utilization, natural gas power generation is indispensable. \"Energy Development \" 12th Five-Year \"Plan\" clearly, 2015 natural gas generated installed installed reached 56 million kilowatts, more than 30 million kilowatts at the end of \"11th Five-Year\". Understand the basic situation of natural gas power generation, production operation and maintenance, and master the safety and stable operation of gas units, especially for future roads.
The National Energy Administration Electric Reliability Management Center recently released the \"Report\" (hereinafter referred to as \"Report\") pointed out that my country's gas-steam wheel unit reliability is general, but the air source is short , The lack of core technologies, and the short supply of spare parts is plagued in the orderly development of natural gas power generation.
Frequent start and stop, natural gas supply shortages lead to low use of the gas unit
At the end of 2013, the national inclusion of 100,000 kilowatts and above gas-steam combined circulatory units were included in the country. The model structure was in the F-level, E-class, with a total capacity of 2.788 million kilowatts, equivalent available coefficient of 92.54%.
In recent years, according to the demand and environmental requirements of the power grid, the gas generator set has become the choice of peak power supply in some economic developed regions and coastal LNG receiving station. In addition to a few heating gas generators, most of the combustors are in the state of less than 3,500 hours, and most of them are the peak mode of the sun.
The\"Report\" analysis pointed out that the influence of the peak frequency modulation and natural gas supply, my country's gas generator set has a large number of times, the annual utilization hours are low, and the regional difference is large.
It is reported that in 2013, the gas-steam combined cycle unit utilizes 3006.11 hours, far below the national power generation equipment accumulated an average of 4511 hours, and the thermal power equipment used an average of Hour 5012 hours.
Industry experts said that participating in the form of frequent start-stop, the gas unit not only operates poor economic difference, but also affects the service life of the unit, causing the equipment to be aging, increasing the equipment failure rate, shortening the maintenance cycle, increasing the cost of operation .
Another major reason that caused the annual number of hours of gas generator sets is that natural gas supply shortages, especially in the southeast coast and Pearl River Delta regions in my country, and it has always existed.
At present, my country's natural gas and external dependence has exceeded 30%. According to our\"natural gas \" 12th Five-Year\"plan\", it is expected that in 2015, my country's domestic natural gas supply is 176 billion cubic meters, and demand is expected to reach 260 billion cubic meters, and the supply and demand gap reaches 84 billion cubic meters.
In the face of the shortage of natural gas supply, the\"Report\" proposes to make the construction of the fire-fighting machine power plant to ensure the supply of gas supply, quality, and heat value, and ensure reasonable mechanism to maintain the rationality of fuel prices and electricity prices.
The lack of core technologies, the spare parts of the spare parts affect the safe and stable operation of the gas unit
According to the\"report\", in 2013, my country's gas-steam combined cycle unit plans to stop the number of 1.35 times / Taiwan, and the number of non-planned stops is 0.44 times / Taiwan. Gas turbine is the primary equipment caused by non-planned stop, product quality is the primary responsibility for non-planning shutdown. In addition, equipment aging, poor construction and installation, non-planned stops caused by planning and design have risen in 2013.

\"Report\" disclosure, in 2013, the number of non-planned stops due to gas turbine failure is 19 times, accumulated stop hours of 226.22 hours, gas turbine non-planned shutdown time accounted for 60.92% of total non-planned stop, non-planning The shipped components are mainly concentrated in a gas turbine compressor, a combustor, and a thermal channel component, a gas system, and the like. In addition, the main components of gas turbines are designed, manufactured, installed, and operating monitoring, and combustion control levels also directly affect the operating life of the unit.
Gas turbine key technology barriers are high, gas turbine assembly, material and core components lack seriously affect the development of my country's natural gas power industry.
According to the reporter, due to historical reasons, the basic technical research and product of my country's heavy gas turbines did not continue, and gas turbine developed. During 2001 to 2007, although \"Bed Bidding \" introduced international advanced, series of complete gas turbine manufacturing technology for my country's manufacturing enterprises, as of now, my country is designed, hot part materials manufacturing and cooling and insulation Key technologies such as coating remain mainly on imports.
According to the\"Report\", it is pointed out that power generation companies do not master the core technology of gas turbine groups, leading to highly dependent equipment manufacturers such as equipment maintenance, maintenance, and abnormal diagnosis. Maintenance and core components rely on designated manufacturers, causing equipment maintenance and upgrading, and components replacement have generally laid long, high cost, affecting safety and stability. In addition, due to the lack of relevant quality standards, the owner cannot supervise the quality of maintenance, and seriously affect quality acceptance.
In addition, the main, the auxiliary spare parts of the combustion engine power plant, the spare parts of the original equipment are facing problems such as ubiquitous purchase or expensive prices. This leads to the long-term operation and safety factor of the unit, which is seriously due to the spare parts, which causes the unit limited load or even fault downtime, resulting in maintenance costs and maintenance period.
As of the end of 2013, my country's natural gas generating machine was 4304 million kilowatts, accounting for 3.52% of the national head-installed machine; natural gas power generation is 114.3 billion kW, accounting for 2.13% of the national power generation.
my country's natural gas generator set is mainly distributed in the southeast coast, a long triangle, and a region in the eastern part of the Bohai Sea, which is more developed, and the price is strong.
In recent years, my country's new gas-fired machines are mainly distributed in East China Power Grid, North China Power Grid, and Huazhong Power Grid. At present, East China Power Grid gas loading machine is 22.69 million kilowatts, accounting for 9.45% of the regional grid headset, which is a national gas installed proportion area grid.

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