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Starlight attention: Nigerian generator set needs to reach nearly $ 100 billion in 2020

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Hugo Net learned from the report of Nigerian media that according to the data released by a local research company, by 2020, Nigerian generator set imports expected to grow to $ 950.7 billion.
This research company said that Nigeria is the largest diesel and gasoline generator market in Africa, and the market is growing at an increase in growth rates at 8.7%. Its 2011 market capacity is $ 450 million, and it will be expected to be $ 950.7 billion by 2020.
According to reports, Nigeria's generator set market demand is driven by factors such as power environment, power generation, power transmission and grid operation.
GBI Energy Analyst Aman Madhok said: \"The increase in power consumption promotes the continued demand growth of the generator set. In recent years, Nigeria has grown around 8%, but the country's power holding company is unable to provide adequate The power supply meets the demand. \"
He believes that Nigeria provides a favorable capabilities market, especially such products imported from China and the United Kingdom, are rapidly increased. Between 2006 and 2011, the market demand in the country's generator set was stable. Although after the peak value of 4118 million US dollars in 2008, the market began slightly, but this market continued to grow.
\"The market growth of the Nigerian gasoline generator, mainly depends on timely installation of gasoline infrastructure in this country. \" He said.
According to reports, although it is still a diesel generator in Nigeria, the gasoline generator currently accounts for only a small portion of the entire market, but the current demand for gasoline generators is steadily rising.

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