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Starlight attention: Modern development status of diesel generator sets

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The production system of diesel generator sets, which has been established in my country, has a complete quality, multiplication. Although there is also a distance from world products on the overall technology level, in that era, it is still satisfied with the demand for it. After the reform and opening up, through introduction, absorb foreign advanced design concepts and manufacturing technologies, making the technical indicators and quality of diesel generator sets have greatly improved. A new design, new processes, and intelligent machining centers with independent intellectual property rights have also emerged.Diesel generator setsA series of products have also obtained an annual growth export order.

my country also encourages foreign countriesDiesel generator setsEnterprises come in and build a soil capital, joint venture. Although their arrival has exacerbated the level of competition in the diesel generator set, they also bring foreign advanced technology and manufacturing process into my country. The development of domestic diesel generator sets is promoted.

Develop low-carbon economy and inspire energy conservation and emission reduction. CorrectOil generator setIt is especially important in the manufacturing field, and there are still many things you need. In terms of diesel engines; converting unit fuel consumption into greater kinetic energy, reducing the content of harmful substances in exhaust gas, continuing to reduce the noise of the engine, is the key point of its improvement. After continuous development and practice, advanced results such as intake boost, medium-cold technology, common rail fuel injection system, electronic regulation, electronic control, etc. are widely adopted. The high-precision intelligent machining center has become the main body of the manufacturing process. Modern, the effective efficiency of diesel engines can reach around 87%. The fuel consumption is low to 191 to 199 grams under full load. The content of harmful substances in the exhaust gas is greatly reduced, such as NO nitrogen oxide, and each cubic meter is less than 2 kilohms, which conforms to the European III emission standard. In the same power, the operating noise of large diesel engines is also reduced by 5 to 6 decibels.

The development and innovation concept also deeply depth in the technical field of diesel generator sets; there is now a combustion turbine generator set and combustion natural gasInternal combustion engine generator setThe generator set that can output 10 kV high voltage has also formed a product. From components to the whole machine, new exploration and results are still emerging.
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