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Starlight attention: 19 key projects in Xinjiang start construction

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The reporter learned from the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, I learned that as of the end of July, the company has accumulated 19 key projects, complete 38% of the new work plan goals, and accumulated 2.231 billion yuan. According to reports, these new work priorities include 6 water conservancy projects, 2 railway projects, 4 agricultural and animal husbandry modernization projects, 5 new urbanization projects, 1 information, 1 mineral resource development. In terms of water conservancy projects, the Carrabine Water Conservancy Hub completed the investment of 15.6 million yuan; the entrance road and temporary facilities of the Girgler Reservoir in Usuki City were basically completed; the temporary project of Ulaster Reservoir in Altai has been completed; Qinghe County Complete the earth stone 41,400 cubic meters; the foundation of the Zege Reservoir dam of Zihu County is constructed, and the investment is 180 million yuan; the tunnel excavation of Biliu River Reservoir in Qi Taitai County has completed 11 million yuan. In the 2 railway project, the Huiliu River to the Huihu Railway Project was stored for 70 kilometers, and the investment of 500 million yuan; the Kata Railway Baise Springs to the iron factory route started construction, completed the investment of 5 million yuan . Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Modernization Projects, the construction of Wanjia Dairy Breeding Base, Shuixuan County, and the modern agricultural flower project of Xiangxi Lake are under construction, and Yue Puhu County agricultural and sideline products deep processing project and biological organic composite fertilizer, refined cotton seed oil production project Progressing well. The newly started 5 new urbanization key projects are concentrated in Urumqi. Urumqi City Rail Transit Line 1 has entered the construction setup; the first phase of the Xinjiang International Textile Clothing and Apparel Business Center is under construction; Xiluqi Xihong Road-Xishan Road Viaduct Phase II Project water supply and sewage pipeline change Movement has been basically completed, the pipeline of gas pipeline, power discharge is under construction; Urumqi Shuangzi City Complex - Greenland Center Construction Project has completed 360 million yuan; Urumqi high-speed rail area and Bai Bird Lake New Area City Complex Building Project 4 The ground building is underway. In addition, the Kashgar Integrated Logistics Park is a key informationization project. At present, the second phase of the integrated office building has been put into use. The second phase of shop is extensive; mineral resources development projects, Baosteel Group Xinjiang Bayi Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. energy-saving and emission reduction structure adjustment and upgrading Technical transformation project is under construction.

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