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Starlight Tip: Diesel generator set selection misunderstandings

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Many users often don't know which part of the diesel generator is most important when purchasing a diesel generator set, and sometimes it is important to use a good brand. Some think that it is important to use imported. In fact, the diesel generator set is generated due to the kinetic energy generated by diesel engine, so that the most important part of the diesel generator set is the diesel engine. Direct relationship between diesel engines Direct relationship between diesel generator sets, service life, and the stability of the output current voltage and the size of fuel consumption.
In addition, the quality of the generator is also more important. However, especially the brush generator and brush-free generators, the general manufacturers are now using bronze-free generators, which ensures the heat dissipation and voltage of the generator. And the brush generator sometimes does not have too steady. It is particularly worth noting that aluminum core generators or copper-clad aluminum generators can be used. Since the heat dissipation effect of the aluminum core generator is not very good, such a diesel generator set has a short life, or after the use is long, the power of the generator set is not reached.
Finally, the generator set display is also more important, especially the component of the automation controller. Often sometimes because such a small part is unqualified, causing the strike of the entire diesel generator set, which affects the safety of the entire power supply system. Our company is a generator manufacturer, and the generator is a brush-free copper, please Reassuring: 18999222000, 13809953146, 18609915083

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