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Starlight Technical Department: Analysis of Diesel Engine 18999222000

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● The engine is lowered or the engine is blackened:
1, air filter is too dirty (cleaning or replacement)
2, the pressure gasement is leaked with the exhaust pipe connection (tighten the clamp or fastener)
3, the turbine import and exhaust pipe joint leak (replace the gasket, tighten firmware)
4, engine air intake air leak (replace gasket, tighten firmware)
5, exhaust pipe rupture or gasket damage (replace the exhaust pipe or gasket, tighten firmware)
6, compressor impeller with foul (cleaning)
7, boost damage (repair or replacement)
8, fuel system failure.
● Compressor end sealing ring leak oil
1, air filter is too dirty (cleaning or replacement)
2, compressor suction flow channel blocking or contaminated (removing dirt)
3, superchargers are not smooth (cleaning or replacing)
4, supercharged angular intermediate shell lubricating oil isocolate and have oil mud (cleaning or replacing supercharger)
5,enginePiston ring or cylinder wear
6, boost damage (repair or replacement)
● Turbine seal ring leakage
1, the supercharger is not smooth (cleaning or replacing)
2, supercharger intermediate shell lifting and lighted and with soil (cleaning or replacing supercharger)
3, engine piston ring or cylinder grinding (repair or replacement)
4, supercharger damage (repair or replacement supercharger)
● Unusual sound
1, the compressor suction channel is blocked causes the compressor to breathe
2, the radical impeller is stained, causing the compressor to breathe
3, the intake system leaks to produce an abnormal sound
4, the ventilation system is leaking and abnormal sound
5, rotor to rub the housing
6, supercharger damage (repair or replacement supercharger)
● Electric oil consumption
1. Supercharger oil return line is not smooth (remove dirt)
2. Damage to the turbine seal ring (send a pressurizing station repair)
3, pressure machine end sealing ring damage (send a pressurizing station repair)
4, supercharger intermediate shell accumulate a large amount of oil (send a pressurizing station repair)
5, supercharger damage (repair or replacement supercharger)
6, the oil grade does not meet the requirements (replace the right oil)

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