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Starlight Talk: 2013-2017 China Diesel Generator Group Industry Forecast

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In the era of the post-financial crisis, with the further implementation of the global economic stimulus, the 2010 World Cup, 2012 London Olympics and other events, the global economy continued to recover, prompting our country.Diesel generator setsThe export market recovers a rapid growth situation; 2011 is the year of the \"12th Five-Year\" opening, after the economic operation is basically returned to the normal growth track, the task promoted the change in economic structural adjustment and development is very difficult. In 2011, the national finance, monetary policy gradually realize the stable transition of the crisis type to conventional types, and maintains relatively stable, will implement a robust monetary policy, focus on improving the targeted, flexibility and effectiveness of policies, and maintains the basic level of price stable. At present, my country's electricity's total installed capacity is 965 million kilowatts, which is about 4.2 trillion kW, which is expected to reach 1440 million kilowatts by 2015, and electricity demand will reach 6.1 trillion. In 2011, my country's electricity consumption is around 4.7 trillion kWh, while the national electric installed capacity will reach 1.04 billion kilowatts, compared to electricity, there are still 30 million kilowatts of gaps. At present, power supply is seriously insufficient, and does not meet the growth of electricity, accompanied by the continued advancement of my country's industrialization and urbanization process. More prominent. Solving more than 2004, these continuous and stable developments on diesel generator sets, expect my country's diesel generator sets in China to reach nearly 20 billion yuan, annual composite growth rate of approximately 13%.
At present, China and Germany are the world's two relatively large power equipment products exporters, while France is only seventh in the rankings of electricity equipment exporters in the world, France is exporting to electric equipment products in Europe. The rankings are ranked second. During 2006, France has only 4.2% in the export market of the World Power Equipment Products, almost only equivalent to the market share of the first two China and Germany in the rankings of the world's power equipment product exporter. The quarter one and one-third.
With the increase in the demand for electricity in the whole society, my country's electric equipment manufacturing industry ushered in a rare opportunity. It is expected that China's power industry is expected to maintain an annual growth rate of about 7% in the next few years, far exceeding the world's 3% average. Level. In 2010-2020, the national electric installed capacity will reach 750 million kilowatts and 1 billion kW, and the grid capacity and voltage level will be further improved. The electricity industry investment will also increase accordingly. In the next 30 years, China's electric industry is expected to invest more than 2 trillion US dollars, mainly for power equipment investment.China power generation equipmentPurchasing will account for 32% of the total global total purchases ...

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