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Starlight Power Group is Jiangsu Province Large High Pressure Generator Engineering Technology Research Center

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Starlight Power Group is a large high pressure in Jiangsu ProvincegeneratorEngineering Technology Research Center, our company produces GIF800KW-3000kW three-phase AC brushless synchronous high pressuregeneratorThe GIF series high-pressure three-phase final generator adopts advanced technology at home and abroad, combined with a series of products designed and manufactured in combination with practical experience of high-voltage motors, with a reasonable structure, reliable, efficient, energy saving, low noise, vibration, long service life, installation The advantages such as convenient maintenance are in line with the standards of the International Electrotechnical Commission and the domestic relevant standards.


The high-voltage unit is applied to the emergency retraction power system such as metallurgical enterprises, airports, data centers. Due to the consistent power supply system voltage, the output voltage of the unit is consistent with the original power supply system, and the power supply system can be directly connected to the equipment investment in the power distribution system. At the same time, due to the high output voltage of the unit, the output current is small, and the power loss is minimized in the power transmission process, and it is suitable for long-distance delivery. Especially in applications where capacity requires large and electricity distance, high-pressure diesel generator sets have significant advantages, high-voltage power supply, strong reliability, and distribution system, high-pressure diesel generator sets have been in indolumers, metallurgy, A large number of applications in data centers, ports, airports are carried out. Our company high-voltage generator set quality and quality, price concessions welcome to negotiate: 1899222000, 0991-3817210, 24 hours technical support hotline: 400-0991036

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