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Starlight Power Group Diesel Generator Group has developed a highly integrated control system

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Diesel generator sets are very widely used in various fields such as industrial, agriculture, national economic construction and national defense, have become mainly transportation, marine machinery, agricultural machinery, mine machinery, construction machinery, military equipment, main power generation, alternate power generation. Dynamic device. . The generator set industry is a fixed asset investment industry, which is supported by the national economy, shouldering the heavy responsibility of the national economy and the people's live electricity supply, which has been rapidly developed in recent years. Our company is a manufacturer of diesel generator, which provides users with 3KW-3000KW, imported diesel.Generator setIn the road to development and improvement in power generation equipment, Starcastaries have been closely related to colleges and universities such as Changzhou University, Yangzhou University. Our company has developed a highly integrated monitoring system based on control system function modular thinking. Excmity system adjustment, diesel engine speed control, grid-connected control, fault monitoring and diagnosis, and remote communication networks, etc., and optimize the mechanical structure of the improvement unit, realize the high intelligence, remote monitoring, low noise, low emissions, and make it more reliable Stable, thus promoting the high end of my countryGenerator setThe development of the industry. Details consultation 18999222000, 400-0991036


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