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Star light talk: How to survive for diesel generator group

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Oil, Transportation, Railways, Geology, Mines, Commercial Hotels, Banks, Government and Industry Emergency Power Supply is the unshirkable responsibility and social obligation of our company. In addition to paying attention to its company's production operation costs, generator manufacturers, we are more concerned about the development of the company's perseverance. How to make our company do more in generator group business, this has to talk about the free debugging service of the generator set and future after-sales service. Sales companies are also a service industry, only better for customers think, do actually needed generator sets and products and support services to win markets and customers. Our company has always ended the service tenet of\"customer first, integrity\", with \"starlight service, value reproduction \", all-day, all-round, wholeheartedly for customers. Star is established 24-hour integrated service hotline, 400-0991036 is ready to serve customers. Received customers to repair, complete the work in one hour, and feedback to the customer at any time; in place, 4 hours, 6 hours in the city, 100 kilometers 12 hours to guarantee; arrive at the scene, timely Repair, generally faults within 24 hours, other faults are repaired within 72 hours. For 10 or more group customers for home technical training. Each customer can use our products at all customers.

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