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Star light generator set standard liquid crystal controller technical description

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The HGM6110 power station automation controller is used for a single engine group automation system, which enables automatic boot / shutdown, automatic smashing lock (ATS switching), data measurement, and alarm protection. The controller is displayed in large screen liquid crystal (LCD), and the Chinese and English free switch interfaces, simple operation, reliable operation.
Performance and characteristics
HGM6110: Used for single automation, control the generator set from starting from the remote power-on signal;
Its main features are as follows:
LCD shows the LCD 128x64, with backlight, two languages ​​(Simplified Chinese, English) show, tap button operation;
Suitable for three-phase four-wire, single-phase secondary, two-phase three-line (120 / 240V) power supply 50 / 60Hz system.
Collect and display the mains / power generation three-phase voltage, three-phase current, frequency, and power parameters
The main electricity has overvoltage, undervoltage, short-phase function, power generation has overvoltage, undervoltage, overspeaking, arreterual frequency, overcurrent function;
Precision to collect various parameters of the engine:
Temperature WT ° C / ° F simultaneously, oil pressure OP KPA / PSI / BAR also display
Fuel position FL unit:%, speed SPD unit: rpm
Battery voltage VB unit: V, charging machine voltage VD unit: V
Timer HC can accumulate 999999 hours
The cumulative starting number can be accumulated 999999 times, control protection:
Implementation of diesel generator sets automatic power-on / downtime (ATS switching) and perfect fault display protection; having an electrical shutdown, idle speed control, preheating control function, and both relay output.
Parameter setting function: Allow users to change their parameters, while memories are not lost during the internal Flash memory, all parameters of the controller can be set on the front panel, or by programming port PC test software for setting (using SG72 adapter); multiple temperatures, pressure, oil level sensors can be used directly, and can customize parameters;
A variety of start-up success conditions (speed sensor, hydraulic pressure, power generation) can be selected;
The power supply range is wide (8-35) VDC, which can adapt to different boot battery voltage environments;
All parameters use digital adjustment, abandon the simulation adjustment method of conventional potentiometers, and improve the reliability and stability of the whole machine;
Modular structural design, pluggable terminal, embedded installation, compact structure, convenient installation.

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