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Star light analysis: How to match the diesel engine and generator?

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Nowadays, the competition in the diesel generator group industry is dramatically. Many unscrupulous merchants make the price advantage in peers, which will use small power diesel engines to give the user, so that the diesel generator users cannot buy the unit power that meets themselves. Most diesel generators users have wedding with the power of diesel engines and generators. How to marry the effect does not understand, I don't know if the power of the diesel engine should be greater than the power of the generator. According to these power effects, Starlight (author) gives you a detailed introduction. I hope to bring a certain value to the diesel generator unit users. The diesel power power in the diesel generator set must be larger than generator power. Since a local power is lost due to heat dissipation during the energy conversion process. Assume that the diesel power is smaller than the generator power diesel engine, the entire unit is directly paralyzed. 85% -87% of the power of the diesel engine with the author's multi-year experience is the most ideal shape. For example, diesel power is 20kw * 87% = 17.4kW supporting 17.4kW generator. Among them, the power you said here should refer to the extra input power of diesel engines and generators.

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