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Star headlines attention: Egypt: often lack of small-generating electric machines, emergency lights

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Due to the rapid growth of fuel shortage, industrial and residential electricity, the relatively lag of power infrastructure has recently been more serious, and the increasing trend has triggered the country's people to small generator sets, emergency lights. Wait for the purchase of electricity facilities.

Hiyu.com learned from the report of Egyptian\"Pyramid\" on March 19th, in recent time, the anti-peak power failure phenomenon of Egyptian misalignment is serious, and the market's demand for emergency lights and generators increased by 40% and 15% respectively. The price of type materials also climbed about 10%. Experts pointed out that with the summer, the demand or double of emergency power equipment.

It is understood that with the improvement of Egyptian economic competitiveness, the investment in the basic construction of electricity and energy is also increased to meet the growing demand for industrial electricity and living electricity in China. Egypt's power generation is growing at 7% -8% per year. New energy power generation has also become the focus of this region, and the multinational government promises to increase the proportion of renewable energy to account for the total amount of renewable energy in the domestic energy supply, while developing wind and solar power will become an important way to achieve this goal. In decades, economic development has continued to increase the pressure on the global resource environment, and energy demand is increasing. The continuous improvement of power marketization process and the continuous improvement of user's reliability and quality requirements, the power industry is facing unprecedented challenges And opportunities.

It is reported that the Egyptian government puts the energy subsidies of 1 billion Emon pounds to the electricity sector daily, while the sales of electricity sales is only 200 million pounds. The power generation cost of each electricity is 0.28 pounds, while the sale price is 0.23 pounds. Due to the shortage of fuel supply, the government cannot meet the fuel demand of power station. Since the beginning of February, the government departments have repeatedly powered off. The electricity and petroleum sections are working together to find alternatives to meet the power supply demand by using diesel or imported natural gas.

There is data showing that in the first half of last year, Zhejiang Ningbo exported to Egyptian power facilities, the increased product was an emergency light, with a total amount of 13.82 million US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 10 times; the small generator was 255,000 US dollars in the first half of the year, an increase of nearly 9 times higher than the year-on-year . Unlike previous motor parts, the value of Ningbo motor machine exported from Ningbo motor accounted for 78.5%, which became a new highlight of Ningbo Electromechanical products. In addition, exports such as wire and cable, lighters and air conditioners also increased by 126.8%, 255%, and 39.1% respectively.

Huguo network learned that the Maccatkwitt financial center released a report. For the Egyptian power system, reduce system subsidies, improve professional technology, and strengthen human resources management to invest in foreign direct investment and private sector investment is necessary. Due to the unstable political and economic situation, Egypt is difficult to fully develop and use natural resources. The main development obstacles currently existing: resource transportation and distribution problems caused by inflammation of infrastructure, decline in oil production, decrease in natural gas exports, and lack of technical experts.

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