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Star emergency power generator sets to engage international technology to create an independent brand

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Jiangsu Star Group emergency power supply is a complete set of engines, generators, electric motors, cooling systems, and several distribution facilities.generatorgroup. The equipment is not only a national key project, a major scientific research project, mineral enterprise, and an indispensable emergency spare power supply that is indispensable in the production and life of the population. It is more suitable for major natural disasters, and the defense, rescue and rescue of various disasters caused by large engineering accidents. . In recent years, Starlight Company digested the advanced technology at home and abroad, grafting technical grafting with excellent electric equipment giants at home and abroad, is committed to developing domestic leading, international advanced emergency power supply equipment. Gu Xiaoxing, general manager of Star Power Generation Equipment Company, introduced to reporters, in order to improve the overall function of emergency power equipment, Starborns adopt independent innovation + post-intensive treatment + intelligent equipment Unicom development a series of important measures.
Product development is based on independent innovation. In order to develop high-end generator sets that adapt to high-tech emergency spare, specific environmental rescue disaster relief and field harsh environments, Starlight companies in product design and manufacturing process Bochow international advanced new technology, new technology and new materials, product performance is always Maintain domestic leadership. They use the global bidding and use international well-known brands of H-class insulation materials to ensure the basic quality of the product. The generator is connected to the engine, and the conventional biae structure is changed to modern international general SAE monomer connections.
Enhancement of energy saving and environmental protection. In order to meet the modern international environmental protection requirements, the exhaust gas reached the standard, the Starlight Company adds triendal catalytic and water filtration technology for exhaust gas emission treatment under the premise of domestic and foreign brand motors. According to the data display, through structural optimization and technology innovation, the efficiency of the Star Power Generation is more than 5% higher than that of the domestic similar equipment, the material consumption is reduced by about 8%, and the fuel consumption of the unit is 270 g / kW, and it fell to 205 g / kW. Time.

Intelligent equipment enhances the international level of emergency power supply. With the popularization of global information technology, the continuous expansion of emergency power supply equipment use, Starcastal company is committed to upgrading product technology, imparts automatic turning, automatic switching, automatic parallel, automatic alarm, automatic protection, automatic alarm, automatic protection Automation function. By implementing intelligent control, an instantaneous emergency response can be automatically turned on in an instantaneous accident in an emergency, it can automatically turn on the system to fully charge the system. Thereby winning life, property rescue and protection of the best disposal opportunity.
Optimize domestic and foreign resource allocation, domestic emergency preparation is in the potential
With the continuous expansion of emergency power equipment demand, the continuous improvement of application level requirements, Starial Power Generation Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to the series of development and development and development of practical new products. In recent years, they have developed Ricardo Electric Spray Differential Six-Cylinder Four Stroke High-Effect Diesel in Recently, Emergency Power Supply Equipment.generatorGroup; surrounded by emergency needs of mobile operations, hydropower engineering emergency installation, road and bridge and tunnel emergency rescue construction, and developed GT car-mounted mobile power station ... At the same time, they also developed corresponding to high altitude of more than 4,000 meters, adapt to minus More products such as generator sets such as special work demand in more than 40 precision and high temperature.
The development of starlight equipment in the construction of the development, multi-function application, quality assurance system, which not only attracted high attention to the national power design and application departments, but attracted many power equipment giants at home and abroad. Optimization. Since the\"Tenth Five-Year\" period, the Starlight Equipment Company has obtained a number of international quality management system and the international environmental protection system, and the international standardized product logo certificate issued by the National Standard Committee has been issued by the State Administration of Radio, Fa, China. Product access and identification certificate issued by the authority department such as the shipping society. Its dominant power supply is separately supported with international power equipment giants such as Cummins, Sweden Volvo, Germany, Germany, and my country's Shanghai Diesel Engine, Dongfeng Diesel Engine, and China's famous dynamic equipment manufacturing enterprises. Products are widely used in aerospace, national defense, military, chemical, post and telecommunications, oilfield, mine, ship, film TV, etc., become my country Xichang Satellite Launch Center, Qinshan Nuclear Power Station, Three Gorges Project, Nanshui North Mode Project, Gezhouba Water Conservancy Project, Qingzang Railway construction engineering, Beijing Olympic venues, Shanghai World Expo, CCTV's exterior photographic base, etc. The preferred power supply of major projects and key projects, and exported to more than 20 countries in China, Middle East, Western Europe, North America.

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