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Star Technology Department: Prevention of Diesel Engine Oil and Treatment Measures 18999222000

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1, bonding glue canal. Tank, water tank, tubing, water pipe due to rupture or sand, air hole, etc., can be applied to clean destructive destruction with adhesive rubber.
2, push treatment. The oil pipe joints in the diesel engine are leaked, and the two-sided smooth thin plastic pad can be added to both sides of the leakage gasket, and tighten can be leaked.
3, with a scratch leakage. When the oil tank under the diesel engine group, the cylinder head, gear chamber cover, crankcase rear cover, etc., if the paper pad is intact, the joint is cleaned, and a layer of butter can be smeared on the paper pad, tighten the bolt Can leak-proof; if you change the new paper pad, put the new paper pad in the diesel for 10 minutes, remove the cleaning, wipe the butter on the joint surface.
4, lacquer film treatment. Diesel fuel tank, water tank, crankcase and other seams leakage, and the lacquer film can be applied to the clean seam after soaking in alcohol.
5, anaerobic glue leakage. When a ventilation bolt on a diesel engine, a double-head bolt or the like occurs, and anaerobic glue can be applied to the clean bolt thread or the screw hole, which can quickly form a film, fill the part void; this method is used for high pressure of the diesel engine The tubing joint thread is better.
6. Liquid sealing glue canal. When the interfacial leakage and destructive leakage of solid gasket defects are formed on diesel engines, it is applied with liquid sealant to clean the clean solid gasket binding surface, and form uniform, stable, continuously adhered-adhered pebble film washer after curing. , Can prevent leakage.
7. Size recovery. When the axis of the diesel engine, the bearing and the bearing housing, the valve with valve, self-tightening, filler, etc., can be used to clean the clean fitting parts wear, forming wear, mechanical strength after curing The higher thin film layer, the geometry of the machining recovery part and the cooperation accuracy can be solved.

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