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Star Technical Department talks: Cummins diesel machine fault 兆 and measures (2)

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Cummins diesel machine fault omen: Mucch
In the case of severe water in the Cummins diesel, a cylinder fault will usually occur, and the careful operator will find that the engine operation is weak before the cylinder failure occurs, and the water temperature surface indicates more than 100 ° C.
Treatment measures:
The Cummins diesel engine should be operated, or the flameout shaker allows the diesel engine to be in a cooling state. When the water temperature drops to about 40 ° C, the cooling water is slowly added. Be careful not to add cooling water immediately, otherwise the Cummins diesel engine is deformable or crack due to the plummet of local temperatures.
Cummins diesel engine fault omen's four: broken axis
We often ignore the vague cracks produced by the Cummins diesel crankshaft axle shoulders. In fact, with the constant exaggeration of cracks, the engine crankcase will have a dull knocking sound, and the speed is accelerated, and the sound of the knock will be aggravated. The engine has a black smoke, and the Cummins engine shake the shaft break, and the diesel engine is turned off.
Treatment measures: Timely check the cracks at the crankshaft of the diesel engine and replace it in time.
Cummins diesel engine fault omen: Burning
Before the diesel engine was burned, the speed was suddenly lowered, the load heavier, the oil pressure was lowered, the engine had black smoke, and the dry friction of \"唧 \" occurred in the crankcase.
Treatment measures: Stop immediately, remove the linger and repair.

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