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Star Technical Department Talk: Cummins diesel machine fault 兆 and measures (1)

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The Cummins diesel engine is very dangerous in the operation, which will not only cause the base piece damage, but will even lead to serious mechanical accidents. In fact, Under normal circumstances, the Cummins diesel engine will show a certain abnormal indication, such as speed, sound, exhaust, water temperature, oil pressure, etc., can be preamble in advance by carefully observing the abnormal characteristics of these aspects. Cummins diesel engine may appear. The fault avoids the accident.
One of Cummins diesel engine: \"Speed ​​\"
Before the Cummins diesel engine, the diesel engine usually has a blue smoke, burning oil or speed instability.
Treatment measures:
(1) Guanjing door stops oil supply and steps on the brake;
(2) Block the intake pipe and cut off the air;
(3) Quickly release the high pressure oil pipe to stop the oil supply;
Two 2nd: tunnel
The tank is a destructive mechanical failure. We know that the Cummins diesel air engine valve will cause the tunnel. In fact, most of the tank faults are caused by the loop bolts, because the process of running in the Cummins diesel engine. In the middle, after the link bolts are loose or stretched, the link bearing is increasing, at this time, it is possible to hear the sound of \"\" in the crankcase portion, and the sound of the knock is larger. When the connecting rod bolts are completely detached or broken, the connecting rods and bearing are covered, breaking the Cummins diesel engine body and related parts.
Treatment measures: Stop-repair, replace new parts

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