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Star STC has the performance and characteristics of a brush series generator

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Short circuit feature: When the generator suddenly shorts, the generator's physical fitness machine is inherently using the generator's continuous short circuit current of the rated current, allowing the short circuit current to last for 3s.
Strong Features: STC series generators Due to the structural characteristics, the setting of the exclusion machine is set, and the incentive process of positive feedback is incremented in the instantaneous moment.
Working: When the generator is in an air-load rated voltage, the three-phase relative load equivalent to 25% rated power (the function factor conф = 0.8 lags), and then adding 25% of the resistance load of 25% rated power, which can be long-term Work, at this time, the difference between the value and the three-phase line voltage does not exceed 5% of the three-phase line voltage average.
Overloading capacity: The generator can overload 10% under hot state, running 1H, without superheated damage.
Short-time overcurrent: The generator can withstand the power factor of 0.5 (lag), 150% rated current, last 2min, without harmful deformation.
Over-speed: The generator allows for 120% rated speed in a no-load state, last 2min.
Vibration: The vibration of the generator complies with the provisions of the International GB10068.2.
Suddenly short-circuited: generator manual withstand the impact short circuit current under the no-load rated voltage, and the 3s of the latter 3s did not damage and harmful deformation.
Waveform: The no-car line voltage in the generator is not rated and the sinusoidal chance of no more than 5%. The telephone harmonic factor (THF) of its line voltage is not more than 5%.
Insulation Level: The stator of the generator, the rotor, and exciting machine uses B-level insulation.

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