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Star Power Generator Group Principle Introduction

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Star seriesGenerator setIt is the high-quality products developed by Urumqi Cummins Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., which combines traditional generators and modern technology. It is today's world's technology leading exchange brushless synchronous generator products. Generators and various types of imported and domestic diesel engines can form a fixed or mobile power plant or mute diesel generator set, or may form a special power supply with other original power support. Because the generator is unique, the structure is advanced, the performance is excellent, the operation is reliable, the size is small, the weight is light, and the operation is simple. It is an ideal generator for computer, communication centers, shopping malls, hospitals, ports and airports. Ideal generator. Structure: The generator is a fully protected structure. It consists of a main generator, a exciting machine, and an excitation control system. It uses H-level insulation and other structures. The steel plate welding is used, the main stator fence is optimized, and the copper wire is crowning. The standard 12 outlet is convenient for the user to re-use to obtain different voltage range. The main generator rotor is a toroidal, all damping winding structure, and the rotor windings are directly winding, and the windings are filled with specially developed resins. Good electrical insulation performance and reliable mechanical strength. Generators have single bearing and double bearings, and the speed is 1500 revolutions and 1800 revolutions, the frequency is 50Hz and 60Hz, the protection level is IP23 can be upgraded. Performance: Generator under the following conditions It can operate continuously: 1, ambient air temperature: ≤40 ° C (104 ° F); 2, altitude: ≤1000m; 3, air relative humidity: ≤90%.

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