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Star Light Generator Technology: What are the benefits of rapid action of electromechanical protection?

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In any case, the requirements for relay protection devices should be rapid. The reason for its rapid action is:

1. Quickly remove the fault, reduce the process of operating the user under low voltage to restore normal operation.

2. Quickly remove the fault, can mitigate the degree of damage affecting the impact of the electrical equipment. This is because when a short-circuit fault occurs, the thermal effect and mechanical effect of the short circuit current will cause damage to the electrical equipment. The longer the short circuit current is transmitted through the electrical equipment, the more severe the equipment damage, and even burned.

3, quickly remove the fault, prevent the fault extension. Since the short-circuit fault is taste an arc, if the stock index is not immediately removed, the ground fault may be expanded to phase short circuit, and the two-phase short circuits can expand into three-phase short circuit, or the temporary fault extension is sexually fault. So quickly remove the fault, which is very important for improving the reliability of the system operation.

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