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Star Group Technical Ministry: Reasons and Countermeasures for Diesel Generators Charging Current

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currently usingDiesel generator setsWhen the generator set starts to the rated speed, sometimes it will encounter the phenomenon of the generator charging current, below, XinjiangStarlight motivationTo analyze the causes and response methods of this phenomenon.
Such a failure is generally due to the poor silicon diode lead debride disconnect or poor brush and slip ring contact, the specific reasons are as follows:
1, belt slip;
2, the regulator voltage is low;
3, diesel generator magnetic field line iron or magnetic field coil is localized;
4, diesel generator silicon diode lead depauvenation, so that the armature coil is in phase or two-phase circuit;
5, brush and slip ring contact adverse contact (there is dirt on the slip ring, the carbon brush is too large, the spring pressure is lacking, etc.), the contact resistance is large, so that the exciting current is smaller.
The following solutions should be taken to this phenomenon:
1. Check the diesel generator electrical brush and slip ring contact, no abnormalities are found;
2, use the multimeter DC voltage gear measurement regulator output voltage, found that the output voltage is very low;
3. Measure the output voltage of the generator with the multimeter DC voltage gear, and find that the output voltage is 5V (when measured, the wiring of the battery is disconnected), which proves that the fault is on the charging generator;
4, when measuring the diode, four diodes were broken. Replace the diode, assemble the diesel generator, and then start the diesel generator to 1300R / min, the charging current table on the dashboard is shown as 15A, indicating that the diesel generator charges normally.
AboveDiesel generator setsReasons and response methods of charging current, I hope that the dynamic analysis of Starlight will help you, if there are other questions about diesel generator sets, welcome to consult. 0991-3856119, 0991-3817210, 0991-3814032, 400-0991036

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