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Star Group Follow: Jiqian Power High Power Diesel Generator Overseas Import

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Jihai Power Factory first 3500 kW 12V26 / 32 high powerDiesel generator setsIn Xu Mine Group Bangladesh Coal Mining Power Station, successfully completed various debug tasks, officially put into operation.
During the operation, the unit exhibits good start-up performance and dynamic responsiveness, and can run 1800 kW power drain pumps independently.3000 kW aboveEach performance indicator is or better than the contract convention.
The debug team composed of heavy-duty engine plants, power equipment research institutes, Siwark Company, etc., under the high temperature and simple working conditions of Bangladesh, and the problems in the debugging process are found one by one, and the user-on-site management personnel and operations The personnel have been systematically trained, and the highly affirmation of users. Jichai diesel generator set Xinjiang area sales hotline: 18999222000, 13809953146, 18609915083, Jiji diesel generator set technical support hotline: 0991-3856119, 0991-3817210, 0991- 3814032, 400-0991036

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