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Star Electric Power Generator Technical Department analyzes the installation steps of diesel generator sets

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First, the installation of the generator set
1. Preparation before the unit installation
(1) Machinery
Attention should be paid to the appropriate position when carrying the rope, and gently lifts. When the unit is transported to the destination, it should be putted in the warehouse. If there is no warehouse needs to store it in the open air, the fuel tank is high, prevent rainwater from being invading, and the rain should be added to prevent sun rain. Damaged equipment.
Since the volume of the unit is large, the weight is heavy, and the handling route should be arranged first before installation, and the port should be reserved in the machine room. If the doors and windows are not large enough, they can reserve a large portable port using the door and window position. After the standby group is moved, the wall and the installation doors and windows can be installed.
(2) out of the box
You should first remove dust before you open the box, check the cabinet without damage. Nuclear matches and quantities, do not damage the machine when you open the box. The order in which the box is first folded, and then the side plate is removed. Do the following works after unpacking:
1 According to the list of units and the packing list, all units and attachments;
2 View the main size of the unit and the attachment to match the drawings;
3 inspection units and accessories have no damage and rust;
4 If the unit is inspected, it cannot be installed in time, and the dismantled machine is refined on the ground to re-coat the anti-rust oil and properly protected. Do not turn until the rust rust oil has not been cleared. If the anti-rust oil is removed due to the examination, the anti-rust oil should be re-applied after the examination is finished.
5 After opening the box, you should pay attention to the storage, you must place it horizontally, flanges and various interfaces must be covered, bandage, prevent rain and gray sand immersion.
Cadding line positioning
According to the unit of the unit and the wall or column, the relationship between the unit and the unit is divided into the unit, and the horizontal quasi-line of the unit installation location is defined. The allowable deviation between the center of the unit and the wall or column center is 20 mm, and the allowable deviation between the unit and the unit is 10 mm.
⑷ Check equipment preparation installation
Check the equipment, understand the design content and construction drawings, prepare for the materials required for design drawings, and send materials according to the construction plan to the construction site in succession.
If there is no design drawings, refer to the instructions, and consider the size and position of the civil construction plane, the selection of the unit is determined by the use of the equipment, the use and installation requirements.
⑸ Prepare lifting equipment and installation tools
2, the installation of the unit
(1) Measurement foundation and vertical and horizontal center line
Before the unit is in place, the vertical and translatic centerline and damper positioning line of the foundation and the unit should be drawn in accordance with the drawings \"Play\".
(2) lifting unit
When lifting, a sufficient intensity wire rope is in the lifting position of the unit, and cannot be sleeved on the shaft, but also prevent the tubing of the tubing and dial, which will hang the unit, align the base center line and the damper, and place the unit pad level.
(3) the unit
Use the horn to adjust the machine to the level. The installation accuracy is 0.1 mm per meter of longitudinal and lateral horizontal. There is no interval between the horn and the base, which is uniform.
Second, the installation of exhaust pipe
The exposed portion of the exhaust pipe should not be contacted with wood or other flammable substances.
The pipette of the tobacco pipe must allow the occurrence of thermal expansion, and the tobacco pipe can prevent rainwater from entering.
There are two ways to lay the exhaust pipe:
(1), horizontal overhead: The advantage is less turning, small resistance; the disadvantage is that indoor heat dissipation, high temperature.
(2), laying in the ditch: The advantage is that the indoor heat is good; the shortcomings are more turning, and the resistance is large.
4, the temperature of the exhaust pipe of the unit is high, in order to prevent burns operators and reduce radiation heat on the temperature of the machine room, it is advisable to heat preservation treatment, and heat-insulating heat resistant materials can be used in glass or aluminum silicate, can be insulated and reduced. Noise effect.
Third, the installation of the exhaust system
(1)Diesel generatorsThe exhaust system operating definition of the group refers to the exhaust pipe of the engine room by the engine exhaust port after the diesel generator set is installed on the machine room.
(2) Diesel generator set exhaust system includes a muffler, bellows, flanges, elbows, pads and computer rooms to the exhaust pipes outside the machine room.
The exhaust system should minimize the number of elbows and the shortening of the total length of the exhaust pipe. Yuan will lead to an increase in the exhaust back pressure of the unit to cause excessive power loss and reduce the normal operation of the unit. The exhaust pipe diameter specified in the technical information of the unit is generally based on the total length of the exhaust pipe of 6m and one elbow and a muffler based on the exhaust system.
When the installation, Yuan has exceeded the length and elbow of the elbow. Yuan should increase the increase in exhaust pipe diameter Yuan's increased increase in the total length of the exhaust pipe and the amount of elbow of the elbow. The Di section of the pipe, Yuan must include a flexible corrugated pipe section. The bellows have been randomly supported to the customer's remote exhaust pipe. The second paragraph should be flexible to support Yuan to avoid the exhaust pipeline installation is unreasonable. Yuan or the unit runtime exhaust system due to thermal effect Relative displacement
The attached side stress and compressive stress adding to all support mechanisms and suspension devices of the remote exhaust pipe on the unit should have a certain elastic remote, when there is a unit in the machine room, Yuan Remember the exhaust system of each unit. Independent design and installation Yuan does not allow different units to share an exhaust pipe Yuan to avoid the unusual movement of the unit of exhaust pressure in different units, and increase the exhaust back pressure and prevent waste of exhaust gas. A shared pipe returns Yuan influencing the normal power output Yuan or even causing damage to the unit
Fourth, the installation of the electrical system
(1) the way the cable is laid
The laying method of the cable is directly buryed, and several types of cable grooves and wall laying are used.
(2) Selection of cable layout path
When you choose a cable's laying path, the following principles should be considered:
1 The shortest power path is the lower;
2 Make the cable as little as possible by factors such as mechanical, chemical and mediated currents;
Well heat dissipation conditions;
Try to avoid crossing other pipes;
It should be avoided to the place where the plan is to dig.
(3) General requirements for cable laying
Laying cables must abide by the planning and design requirements of technical procedures.
1 Under the conditions of laying conditions, the cable length can consider 1.5% to 2% of the margin, as a standby, and the direct buried cable should be embedded.
2 For cable introduction or leads to buildings or structures, cables pass through the floor and main walls, from the cable channel to the pole, or the cable laid along the wall on the ground 2m and embedding 0.25m deep underground. The cable should be protected by steel pipes, and the inner diameter of the steel pipe shall not be less than twice the outer diameter of the cable.
3 When the cable is embedded with different pipelines, the cable is not allowed to be laid in the channel of the gas pipe, the natural gas pipe and the liquid fuel line; the minority cable is allowed to lay in the Water or the ventilation or tunnel, or with these grooves In the fangtou or tunnel of the thermal conduit, do not lay the cable; in particular cases, if you do not cause the cable overheat, you can allow minority cables to allow for the channel of the thermodynamic conduit, but should be separated on different sides, or install the cable The following below the heat pipe.
4 The buried cable buried depth shall not be less than 0.7m, and the moisture is not 0.6m.
5 The structure of cable trenches should take into account fireproof and waterproof problems.
6 The metal outer skin of the cable, the metal cable head and the protective steel pipe and the metal bracket, should be reliable ground.
For convenience and security, it is recommended that customers should prepare the cable to the cable slot when the unit is connected to the ATS, and the cable is connected, and the air penetration, leak-proof treatment, the electrical connection must be reliable, prevent vibration Causes loose, reverse and insulated damage.
Five, the installation of the tube
1. The tubing should be a black iron seamless steel pipe without using a galvanized tube, and the tubing direction should avoid the impact of overstreen of fuel by engine heat dissipation. The fuel allowance temperature before the injection pump is 60 to 70, and the view is different. It is recommended to use a soft connection between the engine and the oil pipe and ensure that the oil pipe between the engine and the tank does not leak.

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