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Star Earth Generator Original Shenzhen 7310 Controller Technical Information

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Powerful stand-alone self-starting module
Manual / Automatic + Communication + Extended + PLC Logic Features
Support 12 languages
Display engine andgeneratorAll parameters of the unit power
Self-start control module for controlling EFI or non-EFI andGas startMachine, providing advanced engine detection and protection
This series of products is a perfect model of industrial design, not only beautiful, excellent performance, powerful, and simple and easy to understand, easy to understand. Improved features include real-time clocks to enhance event recording function and monitoring; Ethernet communication methods can reduce monitoring costs; maintenance functions can issue sound alarms before the engine is major accidents to remind the operator
The modules include USB, RS232, and RS485 interfaces and Dsenet ports for extended. Remote monitoring or network monitoring is more convenient, more timely
The module includes 12 inputs and 8 outputs, and the program can be set by panel and PC software kits.
• Have manual / automatic function
• Have communication and extension
• Support for EFI or non-electromotive and gas engine
• Engine parameters: speed, hydraulic pressure, water temperature, battery voltage, oil level%, operating hours, starting number, and charging motor voltage
• Generator parameters: frequency, three-phase voltage (L-L, L-N) and three-phase current
• Power parameters: kva, kW, pf, kvar, kWh, kvah and kvar
• Support 12 languages, and display content editable (including Chinese)
Polish, German, French, Dutch, American English, Portuguese, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Spanish (Mexico) and Chinese
• Alarm grading: forecast police, electric trip and shutdown
• Manually control the fuel pump
• Manually control engine speed (EFI engine)
• Preset run time (unit needs to start regularly, maintenance operation)
• Preset maintenance cycle function (engine operation 250 hours, need to change three filtered, etc.)
• You can upgrade your software firmware version (for example, upgrade from version 3.0 to version 3.0)
• Have engine, generator monitoring and protection
Engine speed, engine hydraulic pressure, engine water temperature, battery voltage, generator voltage
Generator current, engine frequency
• At the same time, there is RS232 and RS485 communication ports
• Support Modbus RTU Communication Protocol
• Have PLC logic (up to 50 steps)
• Sleep saving mode
• Hierarchical loading - load / hierarchical add-in-virtual load (load box)
• Cancel all protection features
• 250 event records (with date and time)
Speed ​​sensor frequency range: 1HZ-10KHz
Speed ​​Sensor Voltage Range: Minimum +/- 0.5V (Startup During) -70V
Fuel relay output A: 15Amp DC output
Start Appliance Output B: 15 AMP DC Output
Relay output C and D: 8AMP 250V passive contact output
Custom output E, F, G, and H: 2AMP DC output
Size specifications: 240mm * 181.1mm * 41.7mm
Panel opening size: 220mm * 160mm

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