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Soundtime, sound absorption processing and unit isolation measures of diesel generator room

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Soundtime, sound absorption and unit isolation measures of diesel generator room, the technical department of Star Diesel Generator Unit is summarized as follows:

(1) The machine room sounds. After the exhaust noise of the unit is lowered, the remaining main noise sources are diesel machine mechanical noise and combustion noise. The method adopted is to remove the remaining windows in addition to the inner wall observation window connected to the observation room, all holes and holes must be stunned, and the sound insulation of the brick wall is required to be 40 dB (a). The equipment room doors and windows use fire-separated door windows.
(2), into the wind and exhaust. After the machine room is separated, you should solve the problem of ventilation in the machine room. The air inlet should be set to the generator set and the exhaust port is disposed on the same line. The ventilation port should be equipped with a resistive sheet muffler. Since the pressure loss of the air exhaust is also within the allowable range, it can make the air in the machine room naturally reach the balance, and the ventilation is obvious.
(3), sound absorption (optional). Five walls except the ground can be absorbed.
(4), the unit isolation. Before the power generation unit is installed, it should be strictly based on the relevant information provided by the manufacturer, avoiding the long-distance spread of the structure sound, and constantly shooting the air in the spread, it is impossible to make the factory noise level. After effective reduction of noise, in order to make the room environment more beautiful and practical, the sound absorbing layer of the wall and ceiling is decorated with microporous aluminum-plastic punch plates, and the lighting system is properly disposed.

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