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Simple operating instructions for electronic speed change diesel generator sets in Xinjiang generator set

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Emptive operation instructions for electronic speed change diesel generator sets

A Preparation before starting:

1. Check if the water tank coolant is normal

2, check if the oil is in the quiet scale.

3. Check the battery capacity, whether the battery cable is normal.

4. Does it have an foreign matter that affects startup around the generator set.

5. Except for the operator of the generator set, other people should stay away from the generator set to prevent accidents.

B start the generator set:

1, manual pump oil, spin the diesel pump, discharge the screw, and exhaust the air.

2. Install the 24VDC power switch, the controller displays the data.

3. Press the controller Manual button to enter the \"manual mode \" manual mode indicator light, then press the green to start the button, start the generator set. The controller automatically judges the successful startup.

4. After the start is successful, it automatically runs high speed in the rated time.

5. After the unit is operating normally, the automatic closing or manual closing is in normal use, generally for manual hinges.

6, the unit of the unit is automatically detected by the controller during normal operation of the unit, and the user can manually press the downtime and generator data.


1. Automatic or manually disconnect the main switch before the stop, and manually separate the gate.

2. Press the red shutdown button, the indicator light is on, the controller automatically slows down and automatically stops the generator set within the rated time.

3. Turn off the 24VDC power switch after stopping.

4. Please refer to the random information.

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