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Shihezi People's Hospital Diesel Generator Project

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Shihezi City People's Hospital Diesel Generator Group, Shihezi People's Hospital is located in the center of Shihezi City, covering an area of ​​74,713 square meters, 764 employees, including 62 senior titles, 274 intermediate titles. Hospital is the national secondary department, the Ministry of Health International Emergency Rescue Center Network Hospital, the Agricultural Embarmers Shihezi Emergency Center, Babying Hospital, the Third Affiliated Hospital of Shihezi University Medical College, Beijing University First Hospital Collaboration Hospital, Chongqing Medical University The first hospital guides the hospital.

Our company offers a 600KW diesel generator set as a hospital for the hospital's spare power. It is configured as a Cummins engine / engaged generator. Our company is responsible for installation and commissioning, the warranty period is one year or actually uses 1000 hours, please consult Gu Xiaobing 18999222000 , 13809953146, 18609915083, Generator set after-sales service hotline: 0991-3856119, 0991-3817210, 0991-3817210, 0991-3814032

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