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Shanghai City launched severe pollution emergency reduction measures, gas unit replaced some coal-fired units to emission to the orange warning

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On the morning of December 2nd, Shanghai Waigaoqiao No. 1 plant and other power plants closed the country's Shanghai Electric Power Company Regulation Center Directive, 2 sets of 800,000 kW installed capacityGasunitTurn on power generation, replace the local partial coal-fired unit, to reduce the orange warning
Shanghai Air Quality Heavy Pollution Emergency Working Group Office launched severe pollution emergency emission reduction measures on December 1st, and 7 o'clock on the next day \"warning upgrade to severe pollution emergency measures \". National Network Shanghai Electric Power has responded quickly after receiving the warning SMS, according to the plan, immediately start the electricity industry emission reduction measures: to mediate a 300,000 kilobura-fired unit to change to gas unit to generate electricity, let the overhaul 600,000 kW The coal-fired unit is delayed and distributed, requiring all the high-quality high-quality coal power generation of high-calorie value; add two 400,000 kW natural gas units to operate; under the premise of ensuring the safe operation of the grid, according to the power plant Emission information real-time monitoring system, priority scheduling, high-efficiency, low-emission large-capacity unit power generation, greatly reduces the pollutant discharge of coal-fired units.
According to statistics, from January to November, Shanghai Power Grid actively implemented green scheduling, energy saving and emission reduction, this year, this year, the large unit has replaced the small unit of more than 2.514 million kilowatts, saving 139,300 tons of coal, reducing sulfur dioxide emissions 1090 Tons, reducing nitrogen oxide emissions from 940 tons.

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