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Requirements for high-rise buildings of real estate to diesel generator sets

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Real estate high-rise buildings require:

According to \"Civil Building Electrical Design Specification\" (JGJ / T16-92) 3.1 stipulates that many parts of high-rise buildings are one-stage load, such as one, secondary hotel banquet hall, entertainment hall, room, kitchen, important office building Launal electricity, main office, meeting room lighting, large department store business hall lighting; there are also some parts of the secondary load, such as the escalator of department stores, mains, ministries and provincial office buildings Office, meeting room lighting, etc. The first-level load also contains a particular important load, such as important transportation hubs, communication hubs, and public places such as public places such as large number of people who are often used for important international activities.
The primary load should be co-electricity by two power supplies. The secondary load is also preferably powered by two circuits, particularly the secondary load of the fire-fighting electricity, and should be powered on two circuits of the secondary load. It can be seen that high-rise buildings have high reliability requirements and require two power supply.

Therefore, consider setting the principles of the diesel generator set as follows:
1 High-rise buildings that can provide two independent power supplies, which have been met, and the second-level load requirements are met, in principle, in principle, no diesel generator sets. However, for a particularly important high-rise building (such as ultra-high-rise buildings), inside the inside contains a particular important load, it should be considered a power system for repair or failure, another power supply system has a serious situation of failure, at this time, diesel power should generally The unit is an emergency power supply.
2 For the local grid, it can only provide a high-rise building that is difficult to obtain a second power supply or an uneconomically and reasonable high-rise building, should provide a second power supply. At this time, the diesel generator set is used as a spare power supply, not only emergency.
3 In accordance with my country Tourism Hotel, the Standards, four-star and five-star hotels should have a self-propelled power generation system. The above is the basic principle of setting the diesel generator set. It is worth mentioning that in some high-rise buildings at home and abroad, even if the power supply of the city network is quite reliable, it can meet the requirements, but also set up a self-sufficient emergency generator set, so that when the city.com will be powered, one side can guarantee The need for fire-fighting electricity during the power failure, and the basic order of the building can be maintained.

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