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Precautions for high temperature weather diesel generator sets

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The temperature in the temperature is high in today, and the electricity consumption in all parts is constantly refreshing. Many users began to use diesel generator sets. Yes, such high temperature weather, safety use of diesel generator sets will increase many difficulty.
First, the normal use of the generator set itself should not exceed 50 degrees, one amount exceeds this temperature, and if the diesel generator set with automatic protection is not related, it will automatically alarm and stop. However, if the diesel generator without the protection function will fail, there may be an accident, so, Starlight Power GroupHere, the majority of users, high temperature weather, and use diesel generators must pay attention to safety. In particular, the generator room must maintain ventilation and try to open the doors and windows to ensure that the energy in the machine room cannot exceed 50 degrees.
Secondly, because the temperature is high, the operators of the diesel generator set are relatively small. At this time, when the diesel generator set is operated in the electric machine, it must pay attention to safety, and the water in the fire tank in the diesel generator is cooked because of the high temperature, it is possible Water will splash everywhere.
In this high temperature weather, the temperature of the diesel generator room should not be too high as much as possible, such that the condition should be refined, so that the generator set can not be damaged or avoided.

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