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One of the diesel generator sets [starter] introduction

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The starter is one of the most important components of the diesel generator set. When using, pay attention to the following points:

1. When it is ready to work, the start button is opened, the diesel engine gear meshes with the flywheel ring gear and starts. Under normal circumstances, it will be started once, such as one startup is unsuccessful, the next start start must be performed after the motor is completely stationary. Otherwise, the starter gear is damaged with a dramatic impact with the diesel engine ring gear.

2, each start time does not exceed 5 seconds, the interval between the secondary start should be greater than 2 minutes.

3. When the starting machine, diesel engine, battery and cable should be checked, and then the fault should be checked.

4, once the diesel engine starts, immediately release the start button, stop the starter gear self-engaged position to stop working, so as not to avoid overspeed and damage the starter.

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