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Now that oil prices are so high, what is the way to save diesel oil? 18999222000

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Now that oil prices are so high, what is the way to save diesel oil? Our company's technical service department makes the following summary

To save the following five points

1 Otherwise, it will have a big effect on the normal work of the plunger and the injector, which is easy to cause the oil supply time. The oil supply is uneven, the oil is poorly adversely, causing increased fuel consumption and low power.

2, timely clearing the carbon carbon diesel engine at work, due to the high temperature of the relevant components during the combustion, causing the gray charcoal polymer to attach to the valve, valve seat, the injector mouth, the top of the piston, etc., not in time, will increase fuel consumption, and Severely affect the normal operation of the engine, in general, try to clear once in 4-6 months.

3, keep a certain water temperatureDiesel engine engineThe cooling water temperature remains around 45-65c. If the water temperature is too low, the diesel burning is not complete, and the machine itself is increased. Cooling water should be used with \"soft water \" (such as distilled water, rain) without minerals, should not abuse sewage and drunk.

4, do not overload operation of the small-load operation of the horses, making considerable part diesel into black smoke, did not play the effective energy, the fuel consumption increase, and shortened the service life of the parts.

5. Regular inspection and maintenance of agricultural machinery must have the concept of\"health care, anti-weight, repair \". Pay attention to carefully maintenance and maintenance, to do regularly to adjust the valve clearance, injecting pressure, oil supply time, etc., and timely eliminate the scale, dirt of the cooling water jacket. Some machines such as valves, injectors, etc., the repair of the repair, the change, the important parts should always be in good usage, do not \"Disease \" to work. At the same time, the agricultural machinery should also explore a set of power machines in the process of using a general troubleshooting method in the use process, avoiding an emergency, and there is no power.

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