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New Order of Diesel Generator Sets of Oil Company

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Corps Petroleum Co., Ltd. Quitun Northern Branch Ordered 2 15kW dual-cylinder diesel generator sets from our company, used for 13 Communication Gas Station and Urhe Gas Station, and now the diesel generator set has been transported and installed.


Our company relies on high quality product quality, good service, in the Xinjiang Sales Branch, Sinopec Xinjiang Sales Company, China Petrochemical Sales Company, CNPC Sales Company, China OR Gas Transportation Company has established long-term cooperative relationships. Received orders notice, Our company transports equipment to the use of the equipment in the specified time, and the technical personnel are installed and debugged until the unit is operating normally. Among them, small-type generator sets are mainly used in gas stations in various regions, specifications of 15KW diesel generator sets, 20KW diesel generator sets, 30KW diesel generator sets, medium-sized generator sets such as 300kW diesel generator sets, 500KW diesel generator sets, etc. mainly for oil storage power generation , Details consultants 1899222000, 400-0991036

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