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Model and capacity selection of high-rise diesel generator sets

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Capacity selection: 30KW-2000KW

Unit model selection
1. Start mode
When the diesel engine is started, it must be rotated by the external force drive crankshaft. When a certain speed is reached, the air in the cylinder is compressed to a certain pressure and temperature, so that the fuel injected into the cylinder begins to be burned, the diesel engine starts normally. There are three types of diesel engines, 1 hand-shaking start, start the diesel engine through the handkerchief; 2 electric start: use the motor as the power, drive the crankshaft rotation by the transmission mechanism, thereby starting the diesel engine, the power supply used for electricity The battery, the voltage is typically 24V; 3 compressed air starts, introduces compressed air into the diesel cylinder, uses its pressure to push the piston, rotate the diesel crankshaft, and the air is pushed to the combustion chamber, The diesel engine can be started.
When the automatic signal is used to control the starter motor or control the compressed air valve, the unit can be achieved after the lubrication system and the cooling system take measures.
Electrical starting methods should be used in high-rise buildings to avoid compressed air starting methods. A class of high-rise buildings must be selected from the diesel generator set from the starting device. Once the city's power supply is interrupted, it must be powered within 15 seconds (30 seconds of high regulations). When there is condition in the second class high-rise building, it is also advisable to use a unit with a starting device, and manual starting units can also be employed.

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