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Kezhou Hengze Investment Co., Ltd. 1000KW container project

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In June this year, our company has signed a 1000KW container technical agreement with Kzhou Hengze Investment Co., Ltd.diesel engineUsing Cummins KTA50-G3, the generator uses Wuxistan; the controller uses deep sea, Kaiki, Kaixun, etc., other subsidiarics include circuit breakers: ABB, start battery and connecting, container, city electric charge, water jacket A set of oil antifreeze in the heater, muffler and related auxiliary materials. We fully meet your technical requirements, on August 10, on the request of the contract, your company has received 1 set of 1000kW container diesel generator sets.

Star container-type generator sets have standard and silent designs, based on international standard container size, with 20 and 40 feet of two specifications available. This design ensures that the unit does not damage due to high pressure load, and has the following characteristics: the appearance is beautiful, the structure is compact, and the capacity is large, and the unit is used as a flow. Due to the high-intensity box and size standardized design, it is greatly saved by the user's transportation cost, and high-performance anti-aging-flaminated sound insulation materials and sound absorbing materials are arranged inside the muffler case. The cabinet design is more user-friendly, and there are side doors on the outer side of the box. It is convenient for user operation and maintenance, control screen and output connection mode, fuel tank, muffler, and other facilities.

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