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Jiangsu Xingguang Group always reminds the work to make the road for safety work, all for security work

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At 7:37 am on August 2, 2014, the automotive wheel polishing workshop of Zhongrong Metal Products Co., Ltd. in Jiangsu Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province exploded during the production process. As of August 4, 2014, 75 people were killed, and 185 were injured. At this accident, each of our companies should be deeply reflected, such a serious explosion accident, and the corporate responsibility is significant. However, safety production cannot rely on enterprises \"conscious \", must pay attention to and establish long-term and effective safety supervision mechanisms, allowing enterprises to produce under the supervision of government functions.
As the main body of the production and operation, the company itself has a positive, in order to pursue profits, it is likely to reduce the investment of safety production funds and facilities. At any time, the regulatory authorities can regulate corporate operation, and timely discover the illegal production behavior of enterprises and constrain and punish them, and can reduce the incidence of accidents from the source to ensure the personal and property of the workers.

It is the key to preventing safety hazards compared to being a valid regulatory system. Kunshan dust explosion accident is actually sounding alarm - in the context of multi-sectoral management, the relevant functional departments should be confidential, and they can be clear, once the problem can be traced, and specific Responsible person, with this, the regulatory authorities fall to the implementation of regulatory work.

The Kunshan dust explosion accident has entered the investigation and processing stage. We must severely punish the person responsible for enterprises in safe production. It is necessary to make the regulatory department of the dereliction of duty to feel the pain of the skin, and thus establish an accountability mechanism that can effectively restrain the supervisor, avoiding it again. accident.
For Kunshan factory \"8 • 2 \" explosion, Guxi Town actively organized a safety work conference and safety assault, our company leaders actively participated in the meeting, participated in the inspection, timely discovery production safety hazard, creating a comfortable and relief Work environment.

Our company is a manufacturer of diesel generators, and the diesel generator set is large mechanical equipment. In manufacturing, assembly, and commissioning production, the production of electric welding, dipping, drying, painting, etc., Starry companies strictly control each step, Post safety warning slogan in the workshop, always remind workers to establish \"Everything is the concept of safe work, all as safety work services \", insist on safety as a day, safety, thus ensuring the healthy development of safe production. Only when you grasp safe production, you can promote corporate development and win a greater interest in companies.


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