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Is there a different model configuration in Cummins in 200kw?

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Is there a different model configuration in Cummins in 200kw? Received a customer phone, asked about the price of 200kw Cummins, I asked if the customer used, what is the Dongfeng Cummins, or Chongqing Cummins, the customer is in the question, and Cummins has Different? Yes, the 200kw Cummins generator can be divided into two. One is the Dongfeng Cummins generator, one is the Chongqing Cummins generator. Dongfeng Cummins model is 6LTAA8.9-G2, and the maximum power of diesel engine is 245kW. Dongfeng Cummins generator is characterized by small size, more suitable for plus quiet box, Dongfeng Cummins is a national warranty, and is only responsible for spare parts abroad.

200kw Chongqing Cummins model is NT855-GA, the maximum output power of diesel engines is 254KW. Chongqing Cummins 200KW is characterized by power, up to 220kW. But the Chongqing Cummins size is relatively large, do static speaker costs are higher. However, the implementation of Chongqing Cummins global services, implementation of home warranty in most countries around the world will be.

So, when you choose the 200KW Cummins diesel generator sets, Cummins need to first consider what kind of configuration, how many KW maximum power required.
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