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Inspection and treatment of floating oil surfaces

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Inspection and treatment of floating oil surfaces
In use, when the water tank cover is opened, when the coolant is checked, the liquid surface is found to be floated with a layer of oil, but the crankcase oil is not contained in the crankcase oil, and the liquid level has not changed.
(1) reason
1 Water-cooled oil radiator core tube cracks or demydened, allowing oil to leak into the coolant.
2 Cylinder cushion is damaged, and the lubricating oil hole is mixed with the cooling water hole to produce oil water.
3 The quality of the cylinder or cylinder head is poor, and there is a sand eye on the partition wall of the waterway and the oil passage, oil leakage into the coolant.
4 The oil cooler is damaged by the gasket of the cylinder into and out of the oil port and drain oil.


1 If the coolant surface is found to be floating oil phenomenon, the original coolant can be released first, and the cooling waterway can be pushed into the water. When the new coolant is added to the clean, the time and quantity of the liquid level will once again appear again. , Determine the processing method.
2 If the engine is used for more than a month, there is a floating oil phenomenon, and the oil volume is very small, and it is not necessary to repair. When the machine is repaired, the repair is checked, and the water will not be immersed in the lubrication system. This is because even if there is a very small perforation, the oil pressure during operation is always greater than the pressure of the coolant, the oil is leaked to the waterway under the action of the pressure difference, the engine stops working, no longer Leak to the cooling water jacket, although there is a certain water pressure at the small hole, but not enough to overcome the oil resistance of the viscosity in the small hole, so the coolant cannot enter the oil.
It is worth noting that there is no change in oil floation of the coolant surface before or after receiving the car or after receiving the car. When the oil floation amount is suddenly increased, it must be maintained in time.
3 When the short-demopulation, first check if the oil cooler is damaged. If there is a leak, the gasket or oil cooler core should be replaced. At the time of replacement, you should pay attention to the tightening of the gasket flat and fastening the bolt.
4 If the oil cooler is good, the cylinder head should be removed, check whether the cylinder head and the cylinder are crack and sand eye. If there is a sand eye, it can be blocked by plugging agent.
5 Carefully observe the water sleeve and the oil hole of the cylinder head without rush leakage. If there is, it can be coated with fine stone cotton lines. When bonding, attention should be paid to it and cannot be thicker so as not to cause other leakage. If the cylinder mat is serious, it should be replaced in time.
6 Tighten the cylinder bolt should pay attention to the method, and the bolts must be tightened according to the step and the specified torque.

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