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Infusion of the Wolvo Generator Cooling System

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Xinjiang starlightGenerator setTechnical part reminds the majority of users: the correct step of the cooling system

Warning tips! Do not open the coolant hemata cover when the engine is high temperature, and the steam or high temperature coolant will be injected when the pressure is removed.

Note: Do not punch the stress cover

1, open the plug-in cover

note! The coolant and mixture recommended by VOVO PENTA should be used

2, mix the appropriate amount of coolant in advance to ensure that the system is infused. It is not too fast when it is filled, so as not to form a gantry in the system. To make the air can be excluded by the open recession and leak coatings, when the coolant is filled. The liquid surface of the coolant should be between the MIN and MAX tags

3. When the air in the cooling system has been excluded, after the soldiers are completely cooled, start the engine. If there is a heater in the cooling system of the engine, the heater should be opened to allow the heating device to be exhausted when the heating device can also be exhausted.

4. After the operation is about 1 hour, stop, check the coolant level, add it if necessary.

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