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In the South, the fuel used in the northern generator set

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First, use fuel regulations

1 Ambient temperature 5-35 degrees Celsius, use # 0 - # 10 light diesel oil, in the south can use 10 # light diesel northern winter alpine region -20 # can be used - 30 # light diesel oil.
2 After the fuel precipitate 72 hours, the precipitation time is not less than 24 hours.
3 Fuel tanks are placed outdoors, and there should be measures to prevent rain and dust.
4 It is strictly forbidden to use fuel in accordance with the specified fuel.
Second, the use of lubricants
The primary action of the engine oil is to lubricate the moving machine, and the oil forms a hydraulic oil film between the metal surface. Avoid direct contact with metal parts and reduce friction. When the film is insufficient to avoid direct contact with the metal member, the following occurs: friction heat generated bonding, metal abrasion caused by the transfer or stuck

So you need to pay attention to the event:
Unit 1 is generally the choice of 15W / 4 degrees Celsius D grade oil, Cummins, Volvo, Perkins diesel engine and other imported or joint venture of the group need to use SAE15W / 40, in line with the performance level API, CF-4 engine oil level and above.
2 The new machine and the machine after the overhaul, after 50 hours running all the oil should be replaced, and the need to clean or replace the oil filter and oil cooler;
3 Different grades can not be mixed.
Third, use cooling water regulations
This provision applies to one of the diesel generator sets and diesel generator set cooling water circulatory systems, and therefore, the configuration and use of cooling water should cause the user to pay attention to the user, otherwise it will cause the cooling water cavity to be severe, circulation area becomes smaller, poor thermal conductivity, and the heat accumulating quench diesel, the diesel engine can cause premature wear and a series of abnormal failures.
1 Cooling water requirements:
The most suitable cooling water softening, and should meet the PH value: 6-8.5, hardness of 0.7-5.3 meq calcium and magnesium ions / liter, chloride ion content: less than 150 mg / l, typically after purifying rain water or river water, not allows the direct use of well water, spring water containing high salt and other alkali high hard water, subject to conditions such as a user, the hard water to be softened before use;
2 hard water processing method
Boiled, distillation, chemical treatment

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