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How to store the battery correctly when the generator set is deactivated? Consultation 18609915083

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When you deactivate the battery, depending on the length of time, you can use the following method to process:

1. If the battery is put on hold within three months, the battery can be fully charged, placed in a cool and ventilated indoor storage, to prevent the self-discharge, you must tighten the plug-in cover, use the soda to clearly and exterior, in the electric pile, Connecting the surface of Vaseline and supplement charging every other month, and can be used after the replenishment is enabled.

2. If it is deactivated for three months, when it is not practical within one year, the preservation method is basically connected to the top, but the voltage, specific gravity, temperature, and oxygen, short circuit should be observed during each month. And each month is 2 ~ 3 months, a 10-hour charge and discharge cycle is performed. If necessary, use \"small current repeated charge to send \" to perform a process, and supplement charging should be performed before use.

3. If the battery is put on hold more than one year, it can be saved with \"charging water storage method \" when the battery is put on.

(1) After charging the battery, pour out the electrolyte, the soldiers added to distilled water, and 6 hours is parked.

(2) After the charging of 4 hours, change water, charge for two hours

(3) Pour out the distilled water in the battery, add such a new distilled water, instant storage, and the northern region should pay attention to insulation.

(4) Before use, it should be used with \"small current repeated charging method \" depending on the battery, and then fell out of the distilled water, add the specific gravity suitable electrolyte, and can be used according to the supplemental charging method.

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