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How to quickly diagnose and eliminate diesel engine failure?

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Diesel engines are the main driving force in construction machinery. It has caused basic parts damage in operation. The weight leads to serious mechanical accidents. The main working procedures for troubleshooting should be: There is a striking study fault, and the cause is found in the order of simply exploiting the fault. Star company technicians lead you to familiarize the diagnosis and exclusion of the fault:
1.1 Thinking, observe, carefully study the fault before action
1) What warns feature appears before the fault. Under normal circumstances, the transfer speed, sound, exhaust, water temperature, oil pressure, etc. in the diesel engine will exhibit certain abnormal signs, that is, fault margin characteristics. The staff can make correct judgments based on the characteristics of the bazaar, and decisively take measures to avoid accidents. For example: the valve is leaking, the engine will fight black smoke; the crankshaft shaft and the journal are wear, the engine will make a stuffy \"boring\" knock.
2) What repair and maintenance work has been carried out before this. Generally, some improper repairs or maintenance will result in some faults, and staff can find clues from these repairs or maintenance.
3) Whether it has appeared a similar fault.
4) If the engine is still turning, let it continue to turn to do more inspections safe.
1.2 Retrieve from the easiest and easier
Most faults are simple and easy to exclude. The staff should check the easiest and obvious things first, so that they can save time, quickly find out the cause, troubleshoot, reduce some unnecessary trouble. For example, \"Power is not enough\" is usually caused by throttle and fuel filter dirty;\"\"\"\" oil consumption is too large\"is usually caused by sealing mat and tubing joint leakage.
1.3 Reflections before starting the removal work
Most engine failures are not just originated from a part, but can be traced back to the relationship between components. In the troubleshooting process, there is often a case where the entire engine is disassembled to find a certain fault, so that all clues to find faults during the disassembly process. Therefore, it should be checked again to see if it is neglected for an easy solution. For example, not charging is not just a speed failure, but it may be that the fan belt is too loose.
1.4 Finding and discharging the root causes of faults
After the mechanical failure is corrected, it is also necessary to find the root cause of the fault and exclude, so that a similar fault is removed later. \"Sprinkler pillar bond \", can be solved by replacing the faded plunger, but there is always a factor that causes the plunger bond, which may be improperly adjusted in the injector, or due to fuel Causes of water and other reasons. Follow the four steps of the above four steps, the basic can fundamentally identify the causes and exclusion methods of fault occurrence, can avoid messy, no clue.

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