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How to properly use common generators?

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How to properly use common generators? Our company's technical department summarizes the following points, please read it in detail!

Some diesel generators are continuously carried out for a certain period of time or often as a commonly used power supply for electricity load, which is referred to as a common diesel generator set. Common diesel generator sets can serve as a common unit and a spare unit. The long-term diesel generator sets have long working hours, large-purpose curves, and the selection of unit capacity, number of tables, and the selection of the unit and the control method of the unit are different from the emergency unit.
1. Determination of commonly used diesel generator sets
The long-term continuous operation of the unit can meet the full engineering computational load selection and should determine the capacity of the generator set alternate unit according to the importance of the load. The output power of the commonly used diesel generator set is generally 0.9 times the calibration power.
2. Determination of common diesel generator sets
The commonly used diesel generator sets are usually 2 or more to ensure the continuity of power supply and the change of electricity load curve. Common diesel generator sets can be used to determine the number of tables in the generator set according to the change in electricity load, so that the diesel engine is often operated under economic load to reduce the fuel consumption rate and reduce power generation costs.
3. The determination of the speed of the common diesel generator set
In order to reduce wear, increase the life of the commonly used diesel generator set, and the commonly used generator set should be used in a medium and low speed unit, and the alternate unit can be selected, and the high-speed unit can be selected. The unit of the same power station should use the same model, the same capacity unit to use the same spare parts, easy to repair and manage. Engineering changes in load, you can also use the same series of different capacities.
4. Control of common diesel generator sets
Common diesel generator groups should generally be considered in parallel to simplify the power distribution main wiring, to start the unit, and the turbine is turned on, and the switching unit is not interrupted. Common diesel generators should be installed with the measurement and control device of organic groups, and the speed control speed and excitation regulating devices should be applied to the requirements of fish. For an alternate generator set powered by important load, it is advisable to automate the power failure of the automated diesel generator. After power failure of the external power supply, the power supply to the important load can be restored. Diesel engine operation is very large, and the automation unit facilitates transformation into compartment operation, automatic monitoring generator sets.

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