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How to improve the fuel pollution problem of diesel generator sets

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How to improve diesel generator set fuel pollution problem details consultation Star Power Generator Technology Department: 0991-3817210, 0991-3814032, 0991-3856119
The problem of fuel pollution in diesel generator has always been an important topic of many experts' research, and its significance is to increase the safety and environmental protection of generator set operations. Among the many studies, fuel water has proven to be a good way to improve the pollution problem of diesel generator sets. Feng De will specifically introduce two methods of fuel water in the following:
The method of fuel-in-water has intratracheal watering and emulsifying diesel.
1, intake pipe water
The main role of intake pipe water is to heat insulation and dilute fuel density. When the small water enters the combustion chamber and atomization, the oil droplets are broken into smaller oil droplets due to the water vapor, and thus the formation and combustion of mixed gas is promoted. During the combustion process, the highest combustion temperature can be lowered due to water, such as water and oil mixed injection, which reduces the fuel density, so that the maximum combustion temperature is further reduced, so NOx emissions are reduced. It should be noted that the diesel generator sets will need to be antifreeze, and the amount of water is automatically adjusted with the load size.
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2, emulsifying diesel
Water in diesel, that is, emulsified diesel, due to its \"Hui explosion \", so that the fuel is well invented, the well processes the air in the combustion chamber to form a strong turbulence, and the fuel and air are more uniform, and the production of carbon smoke cut back. The waterway of water vapor also reduces the carbon smoke emissions. In addition, emulsified diesel can reduce the maximum combustion temperature, so the amount of NOx is reduced. Details consultation 13809953146
The above two practices are to promote the combustion of oil, and the harmful gas discharged by the diesel generator will naturally becomes less, which is quite effective for reducing environmental pollution and ensuring environmental pollution, and is a two-game environmental protection. Measures should be promoted.
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