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How to determine that the battery is sufficient? why?

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Correct judgment should be observed from the following points:

1. The final voltage of the charging is 2.6 to 2.7 volts, and more than three hours.

2. The specific gravity of the electrolyte during the end of charging, and the stability is stable for more than three hours.

3. The air bubbles occurred in the plates are uniform, and the electrolyte is slightly turned slightly by milky white.

4. After the stop of an hour, charging with a phase of current, and it should be draped in ten minutes (boiling).

5. The positive plate is brown, the negative plate is light gray.

When charging is transferred to the second stage, over time, unconverted sulfate in the plate is less and less, and the electrolysis of the current is getting stronger and the hydrogen is decomposed, and the oxygen is more and more. . Used for electro-hydrogen ions to attract electrode plates and escape, so that the electrolyte and polar plates generate an additional potential difference (about 0.33 volts). This potential difference has risen rapidly to 2.7 volts faster. At this time, since the charging current is almost completely used in water electrolysis, the electrolyte has a large amount of air bubbles, presenting \"boiling \" state, indicating that the electricity is sufficient.

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