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How to check the DC generator stator magnetic pole polarity?

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(1) For the wind group, he encourages the winding of the DC motor, and reunited DCMotorThe polarity inspection of the compass windings can be connected in series, and then the polarity is used to measure the polarity in the middle of the pole in the middle of the pole, repeated several times, by compass guidelines, or guidelines to determine the polarity of the pole. The critical rendering of the difference in Quality DC motor is polarity opposite to the polarity of and the polarity of the set, and the accumulated DC motor is the same. When checking a winding polarity, the other windings should disconnect the wiring, otherwise it also affects the test accuracy. The high low of the access voltage should make the size of the DC current ensure the ability of the magnetic field of the magnetic pole to attract the compass.
(2) The polarity of the reverse pole, the main polarity electrical rotation direction should conform to the following relationship, DC motor: main N → commutation pole N → main pole S; DC generator: main N → commutation pole S → The main pole S → commutation pole n. When testing the polarity of the reversing electrode, the method should be disconnected as the subject, and the main and compensation winding should be disconnected to prevent the measurement. The current of the reversing windings that are less than a large cross section should be large (not exceeding the rated value). For the odd commutation poles, it is conceivable to perform the same test inspection with the no defective even.
(3) The polarity of the check compensation winding is the same as the inspection and commutation. To disconnect the commutation poles and main windings, since the compensation windings are embedded in the primary shoe, the test compensation winding polarity should be expressed on the reversing magnet.Diesel generator setsTechnical support hotline: 0991-3856119, 0991-3817210, 0991-3814032, 40-0991036

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