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How to avoid failure of diesel generator set fuel tanks

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(1) The storage position of the fuel tank must be safe to prevent fires, fuel tanks or oil buckets should be placed separately, appropriately from the distinction between diesel generator sets, and strictly regulate no smoking;
(2) If the user makes the fuel tank it, pay attention to the spareDiesel generator setsThe fuel tank is made of stainless steel or steel plate. Do not paint or galvanized in the fuel tank, because they will chemically react with diesel, producing impurities that may cause damage to diesel generators and reduce diesel quality, cleanliness and combustion efficiency;
(3) After the fuel tank is placed, the oil surface cannot be more than 2.5 meters higher than the base of the diesel generator set, such as 2.5 meters above the large oil reservoir, should be added with the oil tank between the large oil library and the diesel generator set, so as directly The pressure is not more than 2.5 meters. Even thoughDiesel generator setsDuring the closing period, the fuel is not allowed to rely on gravity, and the diesel engine is flowed through the intake pipeline or the injector pipeline;
(4) The resistance at the oil port does not allow more than the specified value when using the clean filter in all diesel generator set performance data sheets. This resistance value is based on the fuel tank with half fuel;
(5) The end position of the oil tank oil supply pipe should be higher thanDiesel generator setsThe bottom of the fuel tank is about 50mm to prevent deposits and water from being sucked into the oil supply pipe;
(6) The connection of the fuel oil return line should not cause impact waves in the fuel in the oil generator group tubing;
(7) The fuel capacity of the fuel tank can guarantee daily daily supply;
(8) The oil tank oil supply and the oil return area should have a hole separator to reduce the heat exchange of diesel generator sets.
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