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How much is the four advantages of the gas generator group?

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The gas generator set has a wide output power range, the start and operation is reliable, the power generation quality is good, light, small size, maintenance, low frequency noise is advantages, generally they have the following three advantages:
First, the operating costs of gas generator are low: new energy, turned waste into treasures, and environmentally friendly cleaning emissions are increasingly becoming users.
Second, the startup performance of the gas generator set is good and the success rate is high. After successful starting from the cold start, it is only 30 seconds, and the diesel generator is specified 3 minutes after successful starting. The gas wheel generator can guarantee the success rate of starting under any ambient temperature and climate.
Third, the noise of the gas generator set is low. Since the fuel turning turbine is in a high speed rotation, its vibration is very small, and low frequency noise is superior to diesel generator sets.
Fourth, the flammable gas used by the gas generator is clean, cheap energy, such as: oil field with angry, tile, knot gas, biogas, etc., but also operate reliable, low cost, but also Current pollution is made into treasure without pollution.

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