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How do I check if the power generation of the car DC generator is normal?

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Check that the way the generator is generated is:

1. Take the iron scraper method: Run the generator stably rotate at 800-1000 rpm, if it is a portable DC generator, the metal portion of the screwdriver can be tightly hieped on the armature insulated wiring column, and the other end The casing quickly scratched. If a strong lantern spark occurs when it is scratched, the DC generator is good, if there is a strong dark red spark generation when scratching, indicating that the power generation is weak; if there is no spark, there is no power generation.

When using the same method to check the outer iron DC generator, the magnetic field insulation is required in advance, and the taking test is carried out. If there is no spark without spark by the above check, don't rush to remove the generator, please observe whether the triangular belt is relaxed, whether the belt is wear is too much or there is oil, the belt wheel and the armature shaft are firm, whether the armature rotation is free, wiring There is no obvious discrimination, such as all of them are in normal, and can also cut the power generator electrical pivot field, short, short of the armature and the magnetic field pull column, rotate the generator, and use the above method Roller, if there is a spark, the generator is normal, no fire, the generator is faulty.

2, no-load voltage method: turn the multimeter or DC voltage to the DC voltage 0-50V file, use a negative table pen to have been short-lived \"armature \" \"magnetic field \" terminal, positive table pen and machine After the shell is coiled, gradually increase the speed of the generator, observe the table pointer reading, to determine. More related questions consult our technology phone: 0991-3856119

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