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How big is the big power of the Shangchao generator set?

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Since the electricity demand for each unit is increasing, the power of the generator set is also played, and the engine manufacturer is not much due to domestic power engine manufacturers, so the price is relatively high.
In response to this phenomenon, many domestic engine manufacturers are also trying to increase the power of automatic engine to meet users of different price needs.
For example, the frontier diesel generator set, it is currently an engine, the model is the Shangchai SC33W990D2, and its calibration power is 1 hour 726kW.12 hours is 600kw. So, if this engine is reloaded, the fan and generator, Diesel generator set, its power loss is more. Then, the power of this generator will not exceed 700kW. There are many generator sets to present the power of this generator set to 700kw in order to cater to the user price needs. In this way, the price of diesel generator sets is a lot of false reports. If you need to understand the price of this generator, please consult Gu Xiaobing 1899222000, 13809953146, 19609915083
In fact, the power of the Yuehai generator is not more than 700kW. And it is just a backup power supply, which is not available as a power supply. So, when you need more than 700kW diesel generator sets, you should first look at this engine power. How is the power of this engine, The power assembled into a generator set should be 80% of the engine power, that is the generator set of authentic calibration power.
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